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A crowd of more than 1000 people were drawn to find out what was in a mystery box recently.


The following article has been taken from The Ellenbrook Advocate and was  written by Ryan Langley and Joel Kelly;

IT was 11.59am, and by now a sizable crowd had gathered around the big, wooden mystery box that for days had piqued the imaginations of Ellenbrook residents.

Children ran around laughing while parents talked with their neighbours, all waiting in anticipation of what was about to occur.

As the clock struck noon, 20 eager volunteers pressed the red buttons, which prompted a horn to sound and puffs of smoke to rise from the open box.

Met with cheers, Perth band Boys, Boys, Boys launched into a song among balloons and confetti bombs, starting an impromptu neighbourhood party.

But no one was officially invited; social media-driven curiosity drew the crowd after the box was placed in the Malvern Springs park days earlier with a set of simple instructions painted on.

It read “You’ll all be able to open this box on Saturday at noon. Just wait for the horn to sound and press all 20 buttons at the same time. Hint: Get your friends and neighbours together to help.”

A sense of community spirit was felt among the audience as members of the community had all come together for the common cause. 

Ellenbrook mother Ruth Wood said she had never seen anything like it before.

“The event was a great idea, as it brings a sense of community spirit to the area,” she said.

“The kids were able to play and soak in the atmosphere of a nice community and the parents could relax and chat while the children played.”

Prior to the opening, theories on the contents of the box ranged from a big pile of lollies to a pop-up kitchen for My Kitchen Rules.

LWP Property Group was behind the PR stunt; itsaim being to bring everybody together for one special day.

LWP’s general manager of sales Tony McEntee said the purpose of the event was to bring the community to life.

“We wanted a novel way to get people together. There was a big build-up during the week, social media drove the event, as well as newspaper and media coverage,” he said.

Mr McEntee said to expect more surprises in other development areas like Trinity Alkimos, Byford and The Glades.


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Every Tuesday 3pm – 6pm
Charlie Gregorini Memorial Reserve 
Every Wednesday 3pm – 6pm – Woodlake Oval 
Play Sports | Playstation | Fun Activities

For more info, contact Mark on 0457 334 698 or mark.finch@wapcyc.com.au


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The following article from REIWA.com explains quite clearly what a seller can expect from a real estate agent. At Swan Valley Realty we can assure you we adhere to each and every one of the following points:

Understanding the role of your agent
10 March 2015
Author: Samantha Jones

When it comes to selling your home, understanding the role your real estate agent plays is paramount, according to owner and Director of The Property Exchange.

Ms Peinke believes the role of a good real estate agent is to help the seller add value to the property with sound preparation and presentation advice.

“The difference between good and bad presentation is about 10 per cent of the actual selling price, so on a million dollar property the wrong advice could cost you $100,000 or more,” Ms Peinke said.

Managing expectations
The other important role of a real estate agent, according to Ms Peinke, is to manage the expectations of potential buyers.

“It’s important you do not set them up for a disappointment, as this will never result in a sale. A classic example of this is overpricing.

“Another example is misrepresenting the property on the internet, by using lenses that make rooms and outdoor areas appear bigger than they actually are,” Ms Peinke said.

Listing price
Determining a listing and selling price for your home can often be difficult for sellers, agents and buyers to agree upon because it’s so subjective.

Ms Peinke said that it’s important for all parties to understand that no property has one set value because it will always be worth different amounts to different people.

“The job of your real estate agent is to elevate that value in the buyer’s eyes. This involves finding ways to overcome or minimise what are likely to be objections to the property, making suggestions to buyers as to what they can do to overcome drawbacks, and to emphasise the positive points to create a balanced view,” Ms Peinke said.

Finding the agent that’s right for you
Ms Peinke believes that real estate agents require good instincts and foresight to be able to ensure the seller is protected at all times during the process.

“Your real estate agent should not just be a middle man in the process of selling your home.

“To be at the top of their game and the greatest asset to the seller, they must be a great marketer, a top communicator, a trusted advisor, a psychologist, an interior decorator, a diplomat, and have the confidence to give their sellers the advice that they need to hear, not what they want to hear,” Ms Peinke said


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Local Resident Rebecca Murray is a Health and Wellness Coach and will be talking about “the circle of life”. The talk will focus on how good health is more than just what we eat, drink and how much we exercise. She will explain how social and emotional factors can greatly influence our health. See below for further details:

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According to CoreLogic by RP Data this may be the case. RP Data have released the following article stating that the current low mortgage rates are invigorating the housing market from the analysis of data they collect.

“Early signs are emerging that lower mortgage rates are providing further stimulus to housing market conditions.

Even though the Reserve Bank chose to keep the cash rate on hold at their March board meeting, the February rate cut brought mortgage rates down to their lowest level since 1968. This was the first rate cut since August 2013 and the ninth drop in the cash rate since the RBA started easing rates back in November 2011.

To provide some perspective on what the rate cuts mean to the typical mortgage holder, before interest rates started falling in late 2011 a $400,000 mortgage would incur interest payments of $27,200 per annum (based on a discounted variable mortgage rate of 6.8%). By March this year, with the average discounted variable rate now tracking at 4.9%, the annual interest payment would be $19,400, a saving of $7,800 per year or $150 per week.

Since the latest rate cut we have seen a variety of timely indicators show a substantial upwards movement.

Auction clearance rates have surged to levels not seen since 2009. The last three weeks of February (including March 1) saw the combined capital city clearance rate move above 70%, with the last two weeks recording a clearance of 77% over both weeks. The higher auction clearance rates indicate that vendors have become more empowered as buyers compete more fiercely for available housing stock.

CoreLogic RP Data’s platform metadata also provides virtually a real time insight into the level of industry activity that is underway across the housing market.

Our valuation platforms, which account for more than 95% of all mortgage related valuation instructions, have seen the number of valuation events move to new record levels in February. The CoreLogic RP Data Mortgage Index, which tracks the number of valuation events on a rolling four week basis, surpassed the previous record high (which was in mid-December last year) over the month of February. The high level of mortgage related activity can be attributed to both an increase in mortgage origination activity as well as refinancing activity.

Another hint that vendors have grown in confidence since the latest rate cut is the amount of real estate agent activity we are seeing across our RP Data Professional Platform. Focussing on real estate agent activity across the platform, we have seen the number of Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports move to new record highs in February. CMA reports are generally actioned when a real estate agent is preparing a listing presentation or preparing a home for sale. With real estate agent activity so high, we are expecting a consequent increase in the number of homes advertised for sale over the coming weeks.
The number of newly advertised properties has been tracking around average levels over February. Over the same period a year ago the number of new listings entering the market across the capital cities was 2.4% higher, however with the surge in real estate agent activity we would expect new listing numbers to surpass what was recorded last year.

The increase in market and industry activity comes as no surprise. Australian households are very sensitive to interest rate movements, given the vast majority of mortgage holders and newly originated mortgages are on variable mortgage rates. The challenge for the Reserve Bank and industry regulators will be to keep a lid on the rate of appreciation in home values while at the same time stimulating housing construction and household spending. The number of dwelling approvals is currently at a record high; the ongoing high level of new housing construction will assist in adding new supply to the housing market as well as support economic growth and labour markets.

On the flipside, higher supply levels may help to slow the rate of capital growth. We have already seen a slowdown in rental appreciation, whether this also translates to a slowdown in the rate of capital gain in the face of lower mortgage rates but higher levels of housing supply is yet to be seen.”