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4. March 2016 07:14  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

Perth sales activity on the rise



Perth sales activity on the rise - reiwa.com

Sales activity in the Perth metro area increased significantly in February.

REIWA President Hayden Groves said the market had enjoyed a healthy rebound following the Christmas and New Year dip.

“reiwa.com data shows sales activity in Perth lifted 16 per cent over the month and five per cent when compared to November 2015.

“We’ve also seen that weekly sales over the last three weeks are higher than they were at the same time last year. While it’s too early to call this a trend it’s a good indicator that mobility in the market is beginning to improve,” Mr Groves said.

At a sub-regional level, the Central sub-region had the strongest increase in sales activity over the month lifting a healthy 37 per cent, followed by the North West sub-region with a 24 per cent lift.

“Baldivis in the South West sub-region and Canning Vale in the South East sub-region were the top selling suburbs in February, followed by Scarborough in the Central sub-region,” Mr Groves said.

Perth’s median house price etched back 1.1 per cent in the three months to February, coming in at $529,000.


Mr Groves said there had been a three per cent increase in listings stock in February which wasn’t surprising as vendors traditionally returned to the market at the start of the year.

“This is a marginal increase given the time of year, but it’s significant to note that listings are now eight per cent lower than they were in November which suggests this could be the early stages of a correction in a market of prolonged higher than average stock levels,” Mr Groves said.

Rental market

Perth’s overall median rent price held firm at $400 per week in the three months to February 2016.

In terms of houses and units, Mr Groves said the median price for both was unchanged over the month at $400 and $380 per week respectively, but each had dipped $10 per week when compared to November 2015.

“While tenants are still in a good position to secure a competitively priced lease in Perth, it’s encouraging for investors that rent prices are appearing to steady in 2016,” Mr Groves said.

Rental listings in the Perth metro area declined three per cent in February but remain above the long term average.

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Extracted from Ellenbrook Advocate 18 Nov 2015 The Advocate (Perth) Joel Kelly

ELLENBROOK is on track to have WA’s smallest green title lots at just 80sq m.



The WA Planning Commission has approved LWP Property Group’s amended development plan to create smaller lots near the Ellenbrook town centre.

This means a reduction of a third from the previous minimum green title lot size of 120sq m.

LWP has now applied to the City of Swan to progress the subdivision plan for the area and expects an approval next year.

At this point, LWP will be able to create the lots and construction of the two to three-storey homes will follow.

The final hurdle will be getting the development application for the buildings through the City of Swan.

When the council voted on the density increase in July, the proposal passed with eight out of 13 councillors voting in favour.

But some of those were eager to look over the final details when it returned to them at the development application stage.

Only eight lots will be 80sqm and two will be 89sqm out of the 290 dwellings planned in Ellenbrook’s Reveley precinct.

Project manager Megan Buckland said the proposed new homes were aimed at home buyers who wanted the convenience of town centre living without the cost of strata fees.

“The concept is to create an attractive two-bedroom home with the look and feel of a two-storey terrace inclusive of lock-up garages,” she said.

“The location of these lots is critical… LWP is only looking at sites in the Ellenbrook town centre.”

The lot and concept house designs were prepared after study tours of development projects in Queensland and South Australia, where small lot housing has already been built.

RobertsDay town planning director Tim Trefry said the tours were invaluable in determining the most appropriate lot dimensions and house layouts for Ellenbrook.

“The 80sqm lot is part of a range of urban lot and housing types that will be available in the Ellenbrook town centre,” he said.

“This product will cater for a range of demographics and assist in creating a vibrant and successful town centre.”

Swan Mayor Mick Wainwright said the council would determine how the small-lot trial would be assessed when it returned to planning officers.

“We’ll see what happens during that trial and see what the results are,” he said.

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The following article is from The Real Estate Conversation July 30th 2015

Presentation is paramount

The big questions we get asked as agents are: How much should I spend on preparation? Where should I start? How much money do I need to spend to maximise the return?

In today’s real estate market it’s clear how important property presentation and styling has become and how much this can impact a sale.

Sellers across Australia are seeing an increase in returns on their investment in this area. However, you only need to look closer to home and visit open inspections on the weekend to see the significant impact this trend is having in our Adelaide market. Approximately 75% of residential properties for sale now incorporate some form of professional styling.

There is no denying that home styling adds to the bottom line of the sale price and there are many case studies of fantastic outcomes for properties. These case studies are well above what the clients expect… I was one of them last year when I sold my property in Parkside. The styling and presentation of my property, I believe, had a very significant impact, and I worked out that this would have added 10% to the property sale price!

So, with presentation and styling increasingly adding to a property’s return, why do we hear stories of some sellers spending $15,000 and receiving little to no return, while others can spend $8,000 and more than triple their return?

There is a science to this… and, as real estate agents it’s where we can step in to help you! Return on investment (ROI) for presentation isn’t just luck. Employing an agent with experience and market knowledge can really add valuable Intel in this area to help you maximise your sale price!

Many agents and sellers understand the concept of home presentation – making sure a property appeals to the maximum number of buyers, giving a maximum chance of competition and a maximum chance of achieving a premium result. There are also many articles written about this area, discussing strategies such as removing family photographs, personal items, de-cluttering, hiring furniture and giving the property a fresh paint etc. It all adds to broadening your property’s appeal. We believe there is more science to this to give you the best chance of a high ROI.

The big questions we get asked as agents are: How much should I spend on preparation? Where should I start? How much money do I need to spend to maximise the return?

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. There will be different answers to these questions for every property, however, they will all start with the same approach. This is ‘starting with the end in mind.’

The science to working out how much you should spend and what preparation you should do, starts by working together with your agent and talking through who you believe will be the most likely buyer of the home.

What does this person look like? What is their lifestyle like? What do they do in their spare time? What do they want from their new home? A big clue, and an exercise we go through with our sellers is looking back to when they bought the property and remembering what attracted them to the home. Often the buyer profile will be very similar.

Once we get a clear picture of who the buyer is, the presentation plan of how much to spend and what to concentrate on to maximise returns becomes much clearer.

For example, if we were selling a modern townhouse in Norwood, we would look to attract young professional couples as we are finding they are looking in this area at the moment for this type of property. If the property had an old run down boundary fence it could significantly impact its attraction of this type of buyer to the property. Whereas, if you had a character ‘renovators delight’ property in the same area, with the same condition fence, the buyer profile is very different. This is a property that is extremely attractive to developers or renovators so fixing the fence before sale would be a waste of money.

While this is a relatively simple example, it can get very strategic and working through this process with experienced agents to highlight who the buyer will be and what they are likely to value provides huge insights and clues for vendors on how to optimise their returns, which is key to achieving great results!


Genevieve is Head of Sales & Marketing at Toop&Toop, the Adelaide firm started by her parents Anthony and Sylvia in 1985. After attending Geelong Grammar in Victoria, Genevieve went on to attain a Bachelor of Business (specialising in Marketing) at Monash University. Graduating in 2007, Genevieve came back to Adelaide…


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The following article appeared in the Ellenbrook Advocate Wednesday May 27th 2015;

THE Ellenbrook Men’s Shed’s latest project is set to capture the imaginations of young minds in the City of Swan.


Masters store support manager Peter Bouckley, Chris Bain who built the cubby, and library staff Aniek Ragan, Rosalie Dolliver and Lynda Tan. http://www.communitypix.com.au d437559

It is a book cubby, and it can be packed up and taken to schools or libraries in the Swan area.

The cubby has a desk inside, where children are encouraged to write and illustrate a small book about any conceivable topic.

Once the book is finished, one copy sits on the shelf and remains part of the nomadic library.

First stop for the cubby will be the Ellenbrook library where children in the regular reading workshops will have the chance to help paint the new book cubby.

While City of Swan librarians initiated the idea, it ended up as a community project.

The Men’s Shed built the cubby from materials donated by Masters in Ellenbrook. Call the library on 9297 9600.

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The following post by Joe Sirianni appears in The Real Estate Conversations blog – to see article on the blog go to;


Use these rates to take years off your mortgage term and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest.

Debt reduction, rather than improved household cash flow, provides the best financial opportunities in the current record low interest rate environment. Last week’s decision by the Reserve Bank to further reduce the cash rate reinforces the merits of this strategy. Every mortgage holder would be well advised to make the most of these rates while they can.

This current interest rate situation may last for quite a while but it may also be short lived. The truth is, no one knows how long we are going to enjoy these rates. Record low rates tend to focus our intention on the obvious opportunities associated with cheap finance however, they actually present us all with an amazingly powerful opportunity to reduce our debts faster.

There are obvious financial benefits to making larger repayments in a low interest rate environment. Many appear to be heeding the message, with one major bank recently revealing that up to half of its customers plan to get ahead on their mortgage repayments by keeping their repayments at the same level. However, Smartline suggests it is a worthy strategy for anyone with a mortgage on their owner-occupier home.

Paying down debt that does not offer you a tax deduction on the interest expense is always going to be worthwhile. Foregoing the higher household cash flow benefit now provides major long-term financial benefits that every home owner would appreciate – taking years off your mortgage term and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest.

6. May 2015 14:09  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

The following article appeared in REIWA.com news on 6 May 2015…

“The Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) decision to lower interest rates by a further 25 basis points to two per cent has been welcomed by the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia. 

REIWA President David Airey said the rate cut presented home buyers with financial approval with a very good opportunity. 

“There’s plenty of property to choose from in our sluggish market, with sales down by around 11 per cent on last year. 

“People who have put off buying might now be enticed to act with such low interest rates and huge competition to lend,” Mr Airey said. 

RBA Governor Glenn Stevens said the Board judged that inflation outlook provided the opportunity for monetary policy to be eased further and to reinforce recent encouraging trends in household demand. 

Yesterday’s interest rate cut is the second this year, following the 0.25 per cent drop in February.” 


28. April 2015 13:24  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

The Ellenbrook Advocate Reported on how Ellenbrook residents turned out in huge numbers to commemorate the Anzac Centenary. The ceremony was held at Woodlake Amphitheatre.  Below is a post that local resident placed on The Advocates Facebook page about the event.

Janet Potsch This was a wonderful turn out to respect and remember the Anzacs……Mike & I decided to join the girls their hubbies and Aaron’s parents and brother at The Ellenbrook ceremony today. It was a great service very community based Girl Guides, Scouts , Police Cadets, schools , local RSL members and Politicians. We even had 2 Light horseman atop their army horses. Many wreaths were laid included one from the local Bunnings store proudly laid by our son in law Mark.the music, the readings were wonderful . well done Ellenbrook RSL !

Check out the picture gallery at: www.communitynews.com.au/…/Perths-Biggest-Anzac-Day-Ga…/4785


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A wonderful event took place in Ellenbrook over the 28th and 29th March. An exhibit commemorated soldiers of families connected with Ellenbrook residents. The following post appeared in LWP’s Ellenbrook Facebook page. The event was made possible by the Ellenbrook sub branch of the RSL with assistance from LWP and the Great Living History Group. For more photos of the event go to LWP’s facebook page.

The Great War Living History exhibition at the Town Square in Ellenbrook on the weekend of 28 and 29 March was a special opportunity for locals young and old to learn more about our war heroes. The exhibit included a large framed photo of soldiers of the West Australian 44th Battalion voting in the conscription referendum at Neuve Eglise, Messine area, Belgium on 8 December 1917. Among the 35 soldiers was Corporal AL D’Arcy, father of local resident Margaret Kidson who is considered “living history” as she is the daughter of a Western Front ANZAC. Organised by the Ellenbrook sub branch of the RSL with assistance from LWP, the City of Swan and the Great War Living History group the exhibition generating many other photos and stories of Ellenbrook residents connected with the Great War.





25. March 2015 11:41  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

A crowd of more than 1000 people were drawn to find out what was in a mystery box recently.


The following article has been taken from The Ellenbrook Advocate and was  written by Ryan Langley and Joel Kelly;

IT was 11.59am, and by now a sizable crowd had gathered around the big, wooden mystery box that for days had piqued the imaginations of Ellenbrook residents.

Children ran around laughing while parents talked with their neighbours, all waiting in anticipation of what was about to occur.

As the clock struck noon, 20 eager volunteers pressed the red buttons, which prompted a horn to sound and puffs of smoke to rise from the open box.

Met with cheers, Perth band Boys, Boys, Boys launched into a song among balloons and confetti bombs, starting an impromptu neighbourhood party.

But no one was officially invited; social media-driven curiosity drew the crowd after the box was placed in the Malvern Springs park days earlier with a set of simple instructions painted on.

It read “You’ll all be able to open this box on Saturday at noon. Just wait for the horn to sound and press all 20 buttons at the same time. Hint: Get your friends and neighbours together to help.”

A sense of community spirit was felt among the audience as members of the community had all come together for the common cause. 

Ellenbrook mother Ruth Wood said she had never seen anything like it before.

“The event was a great idea, as it brings a sense of community spirit to the area,” she said.

“The kids were able to play and soak in the atmosphere of a nice community and the parents could relax and chat while the children played.”

Prior to the opening, theories on the contents of the box ranged from a big pile of lollies to a pop-up kitchen for My Kitchen Rules.

LWP Property Group was behind the PR stunt; itsaim being to bring everybody together for one special day.

LWP’s general manager of sales Tony McEntee said the purpose of the event was to bring the community to life.

“We wanted a novel way to get people together. There was a big build-up during the week, social media drove the event, as well as newspaper and media coverage,” he said.

Mr McEntee said to expect more surprises in other development areas like Trinity Alkimos, Byford and The Glades.


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The following article from REIWA.com explains quite clearly what a seller can expect from a real estate agent. At Swan Valley Realty we can assure you we adhere to each and every one of the following points:

Understanding the role of your agent
10 March 2015
Author: Samantha Jones

When it comes to selling your home, understanding the role your real estate agent plays is paramount, according to owner and Director of The Property Exchange.

Ms Peinke believes the role of a good real estate agent is to help the seller add value to the property with sound preparation and presentation advice.

“The difference between good and bad presentation is about 10 per cent of the actual selling price, so on a million dollar property the wrong advice could cost you $100,000 or more,” Ms Peinke said.

Managing expectations
The other important role of a real estate agent, according to Ms Peinke, is to manage the expectations of potential buyers.

“It’s important you do not set them up for a disappointment, as this will never result in a sale. A classic example of this is overpricing.

“Another example is misrepresenting the property on the internet, by using lenses that make rooms and outdoor areas appear bigger than they actually are,” Ms Peinke said.

Listing price
Determining a listing and selling price for your home can often be difficult for sellers, agents and buyers to agree upon because it’s so subjective.

Ms Peinke said that it’s important for all parties to understand that no property has one set value because it will always be worth different amounts to different people.

“The job of your real estate agent is to elevate that value in the buyer’s eyes. This involves finding ways to overcome or minimise what are likely to be objections to the property, making suggestions to buyers as to what they can do to overcome drawbacks, and to emphasise the positive points to create a balanced view,” Ms Peinke said.

Finding the agent that’s right for you
Ms Peinke believes that real estate agents require good instincts and foresight to be able to ensure the seller is protected at all times during the process.

“Your real estate agent should not just be a middle man in the process of selling your home.

“To be at the top of their game and the greatest asset to the seller, they must be a great marketer, a top communicator, a trusted advisor, a psychologist, an interior decorator, a diplomat, and have the confidence to give their sellers the advice that they need to hear, not what they want to hear,” Ms Peinke said


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Local Resident Rebecca Murray is a Health and Wellness Coach and will be talking about “the circle of life”. The talk will focus on how good health is more than just what we eat, drink and how much we exercise. She will explain how social and emotional factors can greatly influence our health. See below for further details:

25. February 2015 12:22  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (6)

The following article has been extracted from Ellenbrook and Surrounds Facebook page;


24/7 Power Fitness is expanding from 460sqm to a massive 1200sqm in just a few months {bigger and better!} 
Located on Main Street, Ellenbrook {above Pulse Sports & Bendigo Bank}

Coming soon: 
– Official Hammer Strength Training Centre (Bodybuilding area) 
– A lot more machines, free weights and cardio gear 
– Sled/Prowler track
– Power Racks and Lifting Platforms 
– Separate Fitness Class room 
– Separate Spin room 
– Enclosed Ladies only area 
– Protein shake bar 
– Bigger Kid’s corner 
– Ellenbrook’s largest range of equipment and fitness classes

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The following article was posted in the Echo News on the 6th February and was written by Anita Mcinnes.


“A NEW high school for Ellenbrook is a step closer with the State Government short listing three consortia of companies to provide detailed proposals and costings for Ellenbrook North.


Treasurer Mike Nahan said eight public schools including Ellenbrook North would be designed, financed, built and maintained at an estimated capital cost of $370 million.


Mr Nahan said the three consortia of companies had been asked to provide detailed and costed proposals for Western Australia’s first public private partnership schools.


He said the companies were selected from six that responded to the call for expressions of interest.


The short listed companies are Decmil Programmed (comprising Decmil Group Limited, Programmed Maintenance Services Ltd and Cockram Construction Pty Ltd), EduWest Partners (Macquarie Capital Group Limited, Badge Constructions WA Pty Ltd, Perkins WA Pty Ltd and Spotless Facility Services Pty Ltd) and Plenary Schools (comprising Plenary Origination Pty Ltd, Pindan Pty Ltd and Compass Group {Deltas FM Australia Pty Ltd)}).


“Evaluation of the expressions of interest showed these three companies have the capability to deliver the project,” he said.

“The project involves a company designing and building eight public schools and then maintaining them over a 25-year period.’’


The company also finances design and construction.

“Having a private company finance the design and construction means the State Government starts paying only when each school is operational.”


Education Minister Peter Collier said he was pleased the public private partnership had attracted commercial interest.


“The partnership is a strong incentive for the appointed company to build high-quality schools on time and within budget, and for maintenance to be performed to a high standard,” he said.

The other new schools are four primary schools (Landsdale East, Alkimos South West, Baldivis North and Byford South West) and three secondary schools (Lakelands, Hammond Park and Harrisdale).


Proposals are due by May 8, 2015 and the successful consortium of companies is expected to be announced in August.”


11. February 2015 11:50  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

I wrote a post on Monday about a group of lady’s who are over 50, who were inspired by a poem to inject a bit of fun and friendship into their lives.

Realizing how poems can inspire and be an avenue for a creative outlet The Ellenbrook Library and Ellenbrook Secondary College both embraced poetry as part of National Numeracy and Literacy week.

Students made pocket sized scrolls with poetry scrawled on the inside – these ‘Poems In Your Pocket’ were then distributed at the school, library and other places in the community for people to be able to pick up a poem on the go. What a great idea! Another great community initiative in Ellenbrook.


9. February 2015 12:18  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

 Are you eligible for a KidSport grant? If so, the Ellenbrook Community Library can process your application.

The Department of Sport and Recreation provides financial assistance so that kids who otherwise may not have been able to afford it can join local sporting groups and clubs. The benefits of participation in organised sport go far beyond the purely physical – participation helps form friendships, teamwork, leadership skills and a sense of belonging.  

For details of the grant and eligibility go to the website below or ask at the library;


5. February 2015 10:23  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

A recent survey conducted by Slater and Gordon Conveyancing Works suggests that Australians are increasingly heading online to do their house hunting. 

The independent research surveyed 2000 people with 58.5 per cent saying they would head to real estate websites to do their house hunting. 

REIWA Chief Executive Officer Neville Pozzi said the trend towards online house hunting was a driving force behind the recent re-launch and upgrade of the company’s real estate portal, reiwa.com. 

“We are very aware that the internet is the first port of call for the majority of people looking for property. It’s where their research begins, which is why we completely overhauled our site last September with a new look, new features and easier navigation,” Mr Pozzi said.

The Slater and Gordon Conveyancing Works results found that of the people surveyed, 61.7 per cent of the people who would choose to hunt for a home online were women, while 56 per cent were men. 

It also found that in all age brackets more than 50 per cent of people surveyed would search online first, with 35 to 44 year olds the most likely at 68.8 per cent. 

Slater and Gordon Conveyancing Works lawyer, Robert Kern, said the results were not surprising. 

“Buying a house is a big commitment so it makes sense that people want all the information they can get; and where better than a site that is a one stop shop?” Mr Kern said.

Extracted from REIWA website, for full article go tohttp://reiwa.com.au/About-Us/News/Research-shows-trend-towards-online-house-hunting/


5. February 2015 10:15  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

President of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, David Airey, has commended the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) decision to drop interest rates by 0.25 per cent and urged the banks to pass it on in full. 

“Consumer sentiment is weak and property sales have been sluggish for the start of the year. However, this drop in interest rates, along with falling petrol prices is a real boost to household finances,” Mr Airey said.

The Real Estate Institute of Australia has also welcomed the decision with President Neville Sanders saying the RBA Board had made a considered and accurate assessment of the property market. 

“The significance of the easing monetary policy is that housing affordability in Australia will improve further, however we need today’s cut to be passed on fully by lenders,” Mr Sanders said. 

The official interest rate is now 2.25 per cent, a record low, following one of the longest periods of interest rate stability. 

Mr Airey said he hoped the drop in interest rates would encourage more buyers to enter the market. 

“Housing affordability has improved a lot over the last year and with the increase in listings, home buyers have far more choice than they did two years ago. 

“This cut will typically save around $50 per month on a $300,000 mortgage,” Mr Airey said. 

Article from REIWA.com.au website 3rd Feb 2015

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The Ellenbrook Community Library is holding a session to answer questions you may have if you have a rainwater tank, or are interested in getting one.

For example, how much water you could collect from your roof.

Or what the risks are to having a rainwater tank,

And what regular maintenance is required to keep the water safe for your family.

Head along to this entertaining workshop presented by City of Swan’s Health Services staff and you’ll discover all these answers and many more. Bookings essential. Light refreshments provided.

Wednesday February 11th 6-7.30pm