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5. May 2015 11:30  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (4)

During the three week trial there will be a range of ‘loose parts materials’ at the playground that children of all ages can interact with.

The idea behind the loose part materials is to inspire creative, experimental play.

The trial will run until Friday, May 22.

To provide feedback on the project, visit www.swan.wa.gov.au/natureplayarea or call Cath Hewitt on 9207 8573.


25. March 2015 11:41  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

A crowd of more than 1000 people were drawn to find out what was in a mystery box recently.


The following article has been taken from The Ellenbrook Advocate and was  written by Ryan Langley and Joel Kelly;

IT was 11.59am, and by now a sizable crowd had gathered around the big, wooden mystery box that for days had piqued the imaginations of Ellenbrook residents.

Children ran around laughing while parents talked with their neighbours, all waiting in anticipation of what was about to occur.

As the clock struck noon, 20 eager volunteers pressed the red buttons, which prompted a horn to sound and puffs of smoke to rise from the open box.

Met with cheers, Perth band Boys, Boys, Boys launched into a song among balloons and confetti bombs, starting an impromptu neighbourhood party.

But no one was officially invited; social media-driven curiosity drew the crowd after the box was placed in the Malvern Springs park days earlier with a set of simple instructions painted on.

It read “You’ll all be able to open this box on Saturday at noon. Just wait for the horn to sound and press all 20 buttons at the same time. Hint: Get your friends and neighbours together to help.”

A sense of community spirit was felt among the audience as members of the community had all come together for the common cause. 

Ellenbrook mother Ruth Wood said she had never seen anything like it before.

“The event was a great idea, as it brings a sense of community spirit to the area,” she said.

“The kids were able to play and soak in the atmosphere of a nice community and the parents could relax and chat while the children played.”

Prior to the opening, theories on the contents of the box ranged from a big pile of lollies to a pop-up kitchen for My Kitchen Rules.

LWP Property Group was behind the PR stunt; itsaim being to bring everybody together for one special day.

LWP’s general manager of sales Tony McEntee said the purpose of the event was to bring the community to life.

“We wanted a novel way to get people together. There was a big build-up during the week, social media drove the event, as well as newspaper and media coverage,” he said.

Mr McEntee said to expect more surprises in other development areas like Trinity Alkimos, Byford and The Glades.


5. February 2015 10:23  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

A recent survey conducted by Slater and Gordon Conveyancing Works suggests that Australians are increasingly heading online to do their house hunting. 

The independent research surveyed 2000 people with 58.5 per cent saying they would head to real estate websites to do their house hunting. 

REIWA Chief Executive Officer Neville Pozzi said the trend towards online house hunting was a driving force behind the recent re-launch and upgrade of the company’s real estate portal, reiwa.com. 

“We are very aware that the internet is the first port of call for the majority of people looking for property. It’s where their research begins, which is why we completely overhauled our site last September with a new look, new features and easier navigation,” Mr Pozzi said.

The Slater and Gordon Conveyancing Works results found that of the people surveyed, 61.7 per cent of the people who would choose to hunt for a home online were women, while 56 per cent were men. 

It also found that in all age brackets more than 50 per cent of people surveyed would search online first, with 35 to 44 year olds the most likely at 68.8 per cent. 

Slater and Gordon Conveyancing Works lawyer, Robert Kern, said the results were not surprising. 

“Buying a house is a big commitment so it makes sense that people want all the information they can get; and where better than a site that is a one stop shop?” Mr Kern said.

Extracted from REIWA website, for full article go tohttp://reiwa.com.au/About-Us/News/Research-shows-trend-towards-online-house-hunting/


3. February 2015 13:13  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

The Ellenbrook Community Library is holding a session to answer questions you may have if you have a rainwater tank, or are interested in getting one.

For example, how much water you could collect from your roof.

Or what the risks are to having a rainwater tank,

And what regular maintenance is required to keep the water safe for your family.

Head along to this entertaining workshop presented by City of Swan’s Health Services staff and you’ll discover all these answers and many more. Bookings essential. Light refreshments provided.

Wednesday February 11th 6-7.30pm

27. January 2015 16:43  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

For those of you who missed the curb side rubbish collection or feel your items are too good for the rubbish collection. The City of Swan is having a Recyclable Goods Collection Day this Saturday in Middle Swan. See details below.

n is providing another opportunity to get rid of unwanted goods.

17. December 2014 12:14  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

The City of Swan combined with local developers are providing a host of activities to keep our children busy over the January School Holidays. From cooking, picnics, movies, first aide, science and singing, there is a fantastic fun choice of activities.

The activities are being held in theEllenbrook Library, Community Centers and Parks in Ellenbrook and Aveley. See below for more details.

12. December 2014 09:55  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

Just in time before Christmas – get rid of all your junk to make way for the new stuff! The City of Swan is providing a recycling service so that all the unwanted things can be recycled and put to a future good use. And we get to de-clutter!

See below for details of what you are allowed to take to drop off and where to take your items.

9. December 2014 09:21  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

As outlined in a past post there are a variety of events in Ellenbrook and Aveley hosted by community groups and businesses getting into the spirit of Christmas with Pageants, Concerts, Carols, and Arts and Markets. Now the fantastic residents of Ellenbrook and Aveley are putting on their own shows too!

The poster below gives the addresses of the great residents who have put an effort into spreading some Chrissy Cheer around the neighbourhood.

What a great cheap family night out to map out and drive by these wonderful houses. I’m looking forward to showing my children. My own photos to come…