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21. November 2014 22:03  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (1)

At the Ellenbrook Community Library local genealogist Kay Campbell will help you untangle your family tree. You never know what interesting things you will discover about your ancestors! On Tuesday Nov 21st and Dec 9.




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Another great community program for Ellenbrook and Aveley residents. And how wonderful that participation is by donation to Camp Quality – to help put a bit of fun and laughter back into the lives of sick children.

On Mondays 7pm-7.45pm at the Aveley Community Centre, Bolero Rd, Aveley.



5. November 2014 17:33  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (1)

New laws have been introduced that allow councils through council resolution rather than local law to determine where dogs can exercise and where they need to be kept on a leash at all times.

As such the City of Swan has flagged the following parks as proposed parks where dogs must be kept on a leash at all times;

In Aveley
Central Park, Egerton
Egerton Park, Wexcombe Way

In Ellenbrook
Lake Fresca, Ponte Veccio Boulevard 
Moulton Wetlands and Track, Brookmount Drive, 
Mornington Park, Mornington Parkway 
Charlie Gregorani Memorial Reserve, Library Avenue
Brook Park, Paperback Close
Woodlake Park, Waterview Grove

and Sandown Park in Sandown Circle, Henley Brook

Ellenbrook Resident, Kara Ringland welcomes the stricter rules. She volunteers for Ellenbrook Pet Finders and hears about five or six instances every week where pets or owners are attacked or intimidated by dogs. She hopes the stricter rules will help fine people who don’t care about the safety of others by letting their dogs roam free.

Source; Ellenbrook Advocate October 22nd 2014

20. October 2014 17:58  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (4)

Well let’s not get our hopes up too soon. Although WA Premier Colin Barnett has confirmed the State Government will fund a new public swimming pool for Ellenbrook, there is still no time-frame for the project.

An aquatic centre will eventually form part of the leisure centre componenet of the Ellenbrook District Open Space. The City of Swan expects to have a price tag for the aquatic centre by the end of the year, along with the 15 per cent design for the dry area.

Source; Ellenbrook Advocate Oct 1st 2014