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Ellenbrook’s Urban Sprawl – What happens to the Kangaroos?

6. November 2014 17:26  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (4)

A relocation program is being considered by developers and the government for the abundant kangaroos in the area. Department of Parks and Wildlife said between 150 and 200 kangaroos could be relocated to Gorrie State Forrest block, just south of Chidlow and The Lakes. Culling is not being considered at this stage. Instead the kangaroos will be tranquilized and transported about 50km away.

The wildlife population faces competing with the 4700 eventual homes and two town centres that will be built by Stockland as part of Vale. Stockland say they will retain more than 26 per cent of the site for bushland and wetland conservation and reserves that will be accessible as public open space.

Source; Ellenbrook Advocate 22nd October, 2014

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