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Minimum increase in rates but still major works to continue in Ellenbrook

16. July 2015 18:23  /  swanvalleyrealtyblog Comments (0)

Minimum increase in rates but still major works to continue in Ellenbrook. Although the City of Swan is keeping rate increase low this year to minimize any financial impact in these challenging economic times,they are borrowing to continue with major works such as the Ellenbrook Community Building, the southern playing fields for Ellenbrook Open Space and upgrades to Gnangara Rd.

The following is an article from Ellenbrook Advocate Wednesday July 8th 2015;

THE City of Swan’s budget for 2015-16 was released last week and includes funding for major projects in Ellenbrook, Midland and the Swan Valley.

RATES in the City of Swan will climb 3.25 per cent this financial year, following a trend of low rate rises across most metropolitan local governments this year

Swan’s last budget saw a 5 per cent rate increase and a publicly unpopular special levy applied to northern properties for a bridge over the Ellen Brook, which was later repealed.

In this year’s budget, the City has aimed to minimise financial impact on ratepayers, citing the current challenging economic climate in WA.

Swan’s 3.25 per cent rate rise absorbs an 8 per cent spike in the cost of utilities.

A State Government imposed landfill levy increase of 100 per cent will also be passed on to local ratepayers through the City’s sanitation charges.

Chief executive Mike Foley said he had to balance increasing demand for amenities and services with the aim of minimising financial burden to ratepayers.

“Everyone’s feeling the pinch a bit – unemployment is up in the area a bit we’ve noticed,” he said.

“Inflation is down around 22.5 per cent so we want to make sure we’re keeping our services relative but at the same time meeting the needs of the future.”

This financial year will also see the City increase its borrowing by raising new loans to almost $15 million, costing nearly $1m a year in debt servicing.

The debt will pay for big-ticket items like Paradise Quays aged care in Ballajura, land for Dayton’s neighbourhood park, a district park for Dayton, the Ellenbrook community building and the southern playing fields for Ellenbrook District Open Space.

Expenditure this year will reach $145.9 million, of which $71.2 million will be spent on staff and $42 million will be spent on capital works.

Taking into account all budgeting factors, the City’s overall surplus is at $439,000.

“The challenge has always been to provide the infrastructure that people want and particularly to fund the new requirements of new residents coming into the area,” Mr Foley said.

“We’ve taken out a loan program of some $14.5 million to help fund those big projects.”

Mr Foley said work on upgrading Gnangara Road would continue this year, and upgrades to Lloyd Street and Bishop Road in Midland would start.

The City will also see assets from developers of new estates roll over to its portfolio.

“We’re picking up some $42 million of assets from developers this financial year and that’s in the form of roads, drainage and new parks,” Mr Foley said.

“These are assets they have to give to us on top of developer contribution plans.”

Minimum increase in rates

Swan CEO Mike Foley